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When it comes to hydro waste disposal, our hydro dumping site ensures the safe removal of your non-toxic hydro mud. We are Houston’s responsible hydrovac mud dump site.

We only accept non-biohazard water and dirt.

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$100 Per Truck Load (Cash and Credit Cards Accepted)

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Why Choose Brazos Bend Dirt Solutions


Hydrovac dump sites ensure the proper disposal of non-toxic mud, preventing contamination of soil, water sources, and ecosystems.

Safe, Non-Destructive Removal

Our hydrovac dump site is only for non-plant, non-refinery, non-toxic, non-hazardous mud that has been vacuumed into sealed hydrovac trucks.

Efficient Waste Management

Our hydrovac dump site provides a centralized and organized location for the disposal of non-toxic dirt sludge.

Space Optimization

Instead of occupying valuable space on construction sites or other project locations, our hydrovac dump site allows for the removal and containment of non-toxic mud.

Convenience and Safety

We offer a convenient and safe solution for the disposal of non-toxic mud.

Reclamation and Reuse

We only accept mud that is suitable for reclamation and reuse in various residential, construction, and civil applications.


Brazos Bend Dirt Services

Your Stop for Disposal of Non-toxic Dirt Hydrovac Waste

Experience hassle-free and eco-friendly disposal of non-toxic hydrovac dirt waste at Brazos Bend Dirt Services. Contact us now to schedule your waste disposal.

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